Monthly Archives: November 2013

Website Update

Hello everyone. Just a quick note that we’ve been busy behind the scenes upgrading the website. Everything should function correctly, but if you notice anything odd please email me with the information from the contact page.

To celebrate the new website, we also have released new sample files for you to review. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the disc or help with ordering the disc, again please contact me.

New Sample Files

Today I am replacing the sample files with 5 new PDF documents that show the placement of the American Forces in 2305 along with 5 ship classes and what they carry.

  • Mod Tarawa Class, Troop Carrier
  • Brey Class, fast Troop Carrier
  • Gearing Class, Destroyer
  • Baltimore Class, Heavy Cruiser
  • Paradox Class, Troop Assault Ship

These files are about 5% of what is contained on this disc.

Please download and try them out!

D.W Malesevich