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Introduction of Digital Download

I am excited to announce that as of today the contents of 20 years of my hard work are available as a digital download for only $15!

There are Buy buttons with the PayPal logo throughout the site. Just click on that to checkout with PayPal. Note, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase the contents.

Once your payment is successful you will receive an email with the direct link to the download. It is valid for 10 downloads.

If you have any questions, please email me. (Email is on the About page)

Discontinuation of the CD

After 10 years I have decided to stop producing the CD. I want to thank everyone that took interest in my little hobby and I hope you enjoyed all of the content!

We are working to add a digital download option which should be available by August 21st.

Website Update

Hello everyone. Just a quick note that we’ve been busy behind the scenes upgrading the website. Everything should function correctly, but if you notice anything odd please email me with the information from the contact page.

To celebrate the new website, we also have released new sample files for you to review. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the disc or help with ordering the disc, again please contact me.

New Sample Files

Today I am replacing the sample files with 5 new PDF documents that show the placement of the American Forces in 2305 along with 5 ship classes and what they carry.

  • Mod Tarawa Class, Troop Carrier
  • Brey Class, fast Troop Carrier
  • Gearing Class, Destroyer
  • Baltimore Class, Heavy Cruiser
  • Paradox Class, Troop Assault Ship

These files are about 5% of what is contained on this disc.

Please download and try them out!

D.W Malesevich

A Letter From D. W Malesevich

This disc contains everything that I have done over the last 20 years with the 2300ad (Traveler 2300) Universe.

It started shortly after I bought Traveler 2300 in 1986. Over the years I developed a Naval Architect’s Manual computer program in Turbo Basic that I have used to design all of the ships that are on this disk. After doing the initial design I would then draw the ships up in Generic Cadd 6.

Since I was on active duty with the Idaho National Guard at the time that most of this work was done I did not really want to design military equipment or put together military units. That would come later. The first thing that I designed was the Amerigo Vespucci Exploration ship and the vehicles that it carried. I then put together the beginning of the Ronald Reagan Society. Much of that would start coming together as it is now with the advent of the Tirane Group that I also started my mapping work with.

Today this encompasses over 780 pages of work that I have placed on this disc. If you are doing anything with America in the 2300ad universe this disk will be invaluable to you. If you are looking for more equipment for the universe this disk is also for you. If you want maps of the 2300ad planets that are compatible with the Colonial Atlas and are done in the 20 triangle mode this disk is for you. If you, like I did almost 20 years ago, find the ship design rules in Star Cruiser almost impossible to use then try my NAM program.

All of this is available for just $20.00 dollars US with $7.50 shipping and handling (Orders placed outside of the United States are $10.00 shipping and handling).

D.W Malesevich
6 April 2008